The 2015 Utah's Freest Cities Ranking

West Jordan (16/50)(1 is most free, 50 is least free)

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Individual Liberty (4/50)

This category compiles scores on 17 different data points to determine how well West Jordan respects and protects the liberty of its citizens.

Metric Rank Category Weight Description Reference
Code Accessiblity110%This city uses an online, easily navigable and searchable database for its city laws.Sterling Codifiers database
Dog Licensing1510%Depending on whether the dog is fixed or not and the length of the license you purchase, licensing fees for each dog ranges from $8. to $30.Link
Free Speech3015%This city requires a permit to stage a protest on public property, but does not require a fee.Free Expression Permit
Daytime Curfew110%This city does not impose a daytime curfew on minors.
Vice Regulation1310%This city exceeds the regulations of state law on public consumption of alcohol by prohibiting beer in a list of public places. Smoking is also prohibited in certain outdoor areas.8-13-6, 8-13-8
Campaign Contribution Limits110%This city does not regulate free speech by imposing a limit on campaign contributions for city elections
Loitering110%The city does not include any specific loitering laws in its code.
Violation of Ordinances1110%While some ordinances may impose a specific penalty, in West Jordan the default penalty for a violation of any city ordinance, if not specified, is a class B misdemeanor which carries a fine of up to $1,000.1-14B-1(a), 1-14B-1
Gun Regulation615%West Jordan does not have an ordinance that specifically regulates the discharge of firearms in city limits. The city's law also has additional provisions regulating firearms that may be inconsistent with state and federal law. This includes:
• Carrying a firearm is prohibited in a park.

Private Property (26/50)

63 different data points are included in this category to discern the degree to which West Jordan respects and protects private property rights.

Metric Rank Category Weight Description Reference
Conditional Use Permit Fees4810%The cost of a conditional use permit is $700.Fee Schedule
Home Building Fees310%The total cost of permit fees for building a typical single family home is $3,373. This includes $1,834 in permit fees, $1,089 in impact fees, $450 in site plan approval fees, and no plan check fees.Per city staff
Animal Restrictions2915%Chickens are permitted in at least one residential zone with a $50 permit. Beehives are permitted in residential zones without a permit. Assuming a lot size of 0.15 acres, this city only allows you to have 2 dogs, allows 5 chickens, and does not limit the number of beehives.6-3A-1, 6-3E, 6-3H-3
Short-term Rentals1715%This city prohibits property owners from renting their residential property on a short-term basis as is often done through services like Airbnb and VRBO.Per city staff (based on non-permitted land use)
Taxes & Cost of Government2430%The cost of government in West Jordan as a share of the total taxable economic base is $81 per $10,000. As a share of total personal income, the cost is $331 per $10,000. On a per capita basis, the cost is $495. The city gets 24% of its tax revenue from property taxes, 29% of its tax revenue from sales tax, and 48% from other sources including fees and fines.City Financial Statements
Bonded Debt815%The city is currently utilizing 0.85% of thier debt limit for general obligation bonds; however, if calculated for all bonds (including revenue bonds), the utilization would be 2.25%.City Financial Statements
Lobbying355%During the past two years, West Jordan has spent an average of $24,585 each year to hire lobbyists to represent the city.Per Records Request

This city also has restrictive land use ordinances that violate property rights.

Free Enterprise (21/50)

The final category includes 35 different data points in an effort to review West Jordan's protection—or violation—of the free market.

Metric Rank Category Weight Description Reference
City-owned Enterprises415%This city owns one enterprise that could instead be offered by the private market: a redevelopment agency; City Financial Statements
Beer Sale Restrictions2110%This city regulates the retail sale of beer by prohibiting sales from 1 am to 7 am.4-2A-4
Alcohol Licensing2810%The city requires $310 for a retail beer license, $325 for a restaurant license, and $325 for a tavern license.City Fee Schedule
Sales Tax4120%This city imposes a combined sales tax rate of 6.85% on its citizens. Additionally, residents are required to pay a RAP tax at the rate of 0.1%. The city also has a municipal energy tax rate of 6.0%, a transient room tax at 5.75%, and a leasing tax at 7.5%.State Tax Commission
Business Licensing1835%This city charges the following licensing fees: $40 for a home occupation license; $84 for a small commercial license; $1380 for a large commercial license; $75 for a temporary firework stand; $76 for a temporary christmas tree lot; and $100 for two solicitor licenses. The city also has a Good Landlord program that reduces the high per-unit rental fees if landlords comply with additional city regulations, which includes restrictions on who the landlord can rent his or her property to.City Fee Schedule
Commerce Regulations2310%In West Jordan, no dancing at public dances or dance studios is permitted from 2am to 8am. Pawn shops must be closed from 7pm to 7am, and 11pm on Saturdays. Home occupations may not have visits from 10pm to 7am.4-2K-3

City Data

Overall Ranking: 16/50

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Year incorporated: 1947
Population (2010): 103,712
FoG: Council-Manager

County: Salt Lake
Class: 1
Cluster: A

MHI: $67,308.00

Best Score

Daytime Curfew

Worst Score

Conditional Use Permit Fees